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20.11.2012 |
Good Habits Begin at School
Some of our most intimate and fundamental habits are formed during our early school years. Whether it is social etiquette, manners, or personal hygiene, habits that are cultivated in school often affect the future direction of a child’s development and long-term personal growth.
20.06.2012 |
Lessons in sustainability from China’s technological and environmental revolution
Technological advancements are important for any industry, but are especially vital to an industry based upon natural resources such as papermaking. Recently, I presented at PaperCon2012 in New Orleans, the largest pulp and paper technical convention in the world, bringing together CEOs, mill managers, scientists, engineers and suppliers from the...
20.01.2012 |
Paper technology and sustainability
Over the summer I was fortunate enough to spend a week with four reporters in APP-China’s offices in Hainan.  The new facility at Hanian Jinhai Pulp & Paper Industry Co., Ltd is home to one of the most advanced paper making machines.