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28.02.2014 |
Andare a vedere di persona le attività di valutazione in corso nelle concessioni dei fornitori di APP (parte 2 di 3)
Il valore della tutela ambientale non si misura solo dagli effetti sulla flora e sulla fauna, ma passa anche per l’importanza che la foresta riveste per le comunità locali. Nel quadro della Politica di Conservazione Forestale, APP ha adottato i principi del consenso preventivo, libero e informato (Free, Prior and Informed Consent, FPIC) per tutti...
28.02.2014 |
Part 2 of 3: A firsthand look at the assessments currently taking place in APP suppliers’ concessions
Conservation values are not just about flora and fauna. They also encompass the value the forest has to local communities. As part of its Forest Conservation Policy, APP has adopted the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) for all new developments. FPIC is a form of best-practice, designed to ensure that companies developing in...
26.02.2014 |
Part 1 of 3: A firsthand look at the assessments currently taking place in APP suppliers’ concessions
HCV, HCS, ISFMP, FPIC. All very important acronyms in the world of forestry, but a total mystery to the uninitiated. After arriving at APP almost a year ago and spending most of that time helping the company communicate in a new way, I’ve decided that it’s time to give non-expert readers a quick look at why these acronyms are so important and how...
06.02.2014 |
APP: Ending deforestation in Indonesia needs further collaboration
Yesterday was a major milestone in APP’s sustainability journey. It marked the first anniversary of our Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). The last 12 months has been a lot of hard work, with many successes as well as challenges. Nonetheless, the 1st anniversary of the FCP is a good moment to step back and take stock of our progress. Most...
21.03.2013 |
Un día memorable para APP y la Conservación Forestal.
El 5 de febrero de este año ha sido probablemente el más importante en la historia de APP. Publicamos nuestra nueva Política de Conservación Forestal. La parte más significativa de la misma fue el anuncio del cese inmediato de la tala de bosques naturales en toda nuestra cadena de suministro.
21.03.2013 |
A Memorable Day for APP and Forest Conservation
February 5th this year was probably the most important day in the history of APP. We published our new Forest Conservation Policy, the most significant part of which was the announcement of an immediate end to all natural forest clearance throughout our entire supply chain. This means we are two years ahead of our target date, set out in our ...