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28.05.2014 |
Pourquoi s’intéresser au papier issu de sources durables ?
Les campagnes environnementales ont gagné du terrain à Hong Kong ces dernières années. La sensibilité connaissances du public sur la consommation responsable est en augmentation, mais peu de gens savent ce qui fait qu’un produit est responsable. Dans le cas du papier, l’idée que la consommation de papier issu de sources durables est une simple...
28.05.2014 |
Why Care About Sustainable Paper?
Environmental campaigns have gained much momentum in Hong Kong over the past few years. Public awareness of responsible consumption is growing, but knowledge about what makes a consumer product sustainable remains low.  In the case of paper, widespread misconception has it that responsible paper consumption is just a simple matter of recycling.
16.08.2012 |
Workshop Highlights China’s Forest Certification Push
The realm of forest certification in China is currently undergoing rapid advancement, and these developments will ultimately have a positive impact on sustainability on a global level.
15.07.2012 |
‘New kid on the block’ leads the way with Sustainability Roadmap
Last week I had the opportunity to hear firsthand how our affiliate, APP, plans to roll out its 2020 Sustainability Roadmap and I couldn’t help but be impressed. Operating in Australia, Solaris Paper has always been acutely aware of the critical importance of open and transparent operations and has made a clear commitment to sustainable pulp and...
17.05.2012 |
APP’s announcement on high conservation value forest
Tuesday was one of the most significant days of my time working for Asia Pulp & Paper Group. At a press conference in Jakarta, I joined several of my colleagues and distinguished government officials to announce our new policies on protecting High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF).
21.09.2011 |
Why can’t certifications be simpler?
It is absolutely true that forests play a crucial role in the earth’s environment, that point is well established. It is also clear that forests are declining too rapidly in many parts of the world. The trouble with global forest certifications is that they are unlikely addressing the core issues that are really causing deforestation. Most of the...
16.08.2011 |
To be or not to be legal? That is the question
To be or not to be legal? At first glance, this question seems to be relatively easy to answer. However, if you look deeper into what is legal, you then begin to realise the complexity of this question especially when it comes to forestry. Should we accept the legality requirement for the country of origin or country of sale, or simply do we mean...
23.05.2011 |
The VPA and Japan
A historic trade agreement that further strengthens the fight against illegal logging, the VPA (Voluntary Partnership Agreement), was signed between Indonesia and the EU in Jakarta on May 4th.
20.05.2011 |
Taking action to make the most of the Moratorium
The wait is over and it’s official. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono signed Presidential Decree this week marking the start of the two-year moratorium on forest conversion licenses. The much anticipated decree covers all primary forests and peatlands located in conversion forests, protected forests and production forests that had not been issued...
05.05.2011 |
A landmark week for Indonesia, the EU and the fight against illegal logging
This week was another great landmark for my country, Indonesia, in its fight against illegal logging. On Wednesday, at a ceremony here in Jakarta, negotiators from the European Union and the Indonesian government signed the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA).