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14.05.2017 |
Innovating Takeaways from Innovation Forum
People can only thrive if forests do, but ironically enough, in 2017, forests can only thrive when people do. The two are complementary and are completely co-dependent on one another.
22.04.2017 |
Happy Earth Day
A few days ago, I read a study which said that 45% of people aged between 18 and 35 feel that they didn’t receive enough information about caring for the environment while they were at school. Seeing such a high figure shocked me, and made me think about how relevant the slogan of International Earth Day, chosen by the Earth Day Network, is this...
21.03.2017 |
International Day of Forests
This year we want the protagonist of the International Day of Forests to not just be the trees, but also those who take care of them. We are talking about all men and women working in the field, classifying plants, preventing illegal logging or struggling to prevent and extinguish possible fires. They are people who live in the forests, with a...