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27.11.2013 |
Sustainability and the Road We Travel
I feel that I’ve been practically living out of my suitcase, traveling to meet with colleagues and industry peers at several industry and sustainability conferences taking place over the past few weeks. There are two conferences in particular that I want to share with you today.
02.10.2013 |
Les évolutions récentes de l'emballage alimentaire
Un des thèmes principaux de la Conférence environnementale 2013, qui s'est déroulée les 20 et 21 septembre 2013, a été l'économie circulaire et avec elle la question du recyclage et de la valorisation des déchets. La problématique de l'évolution et de la performance environnementale des emballages alimentaire est en effet centrale pour répondre à...
14.12.2012 |
Sustainability in China: Setting the Record Straight
Since moving to China, I’ve often been surprised at just how often Western viewpoints about China are inaccurate or even completely backwards.
08.10.2012 |
Plantation-Pulp-Paper Integration Revamping China’s Paper Industry
Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive media event on the future of China’s paper industry, where I had the opportunity to engage in constructive exchanges and the sharing of ideas with media practitioners. During the gathering, members of the local media acknowledged China’s current status as one of the top paper...
23.08.2012 |
INFOGRAPHIC: Sustainable Paper from Plantation to Product
If you don’t live and breathe pulp and paper like we do at APP, you may not know about the intricacies of the sustainable paper industry. The infographic pasted below this post provides a quick at-a-glance explanation of the sustainable paper industry, from the planting cycle through forestry production and ending in the final product packaging...
18.07.2012 |
The Rise of Innovation in China: Failed Western Stereotypes
In the past few months I’ve had the opportunity at several conferences to speak about innovation and intellectual property in China. I’ve come to realize that outside views about intellectual property in China are similar to common misperceptions about sustainability in this land. I’m glad to share my thoughts because I see huge gaps between...
20.06.2012 |
Les leçons de développement durable liées à la révolution technologique et environnementale en Chine
Les avancées technologiques sont importantes pour toutes secteur d’activité, mais sont particulièrement vitales pour un secteur fondé sur les ressources naturelles telles que la fabrication de papier.
20.06.2012 |
Lessons in sustainability from China’s technological and environmental revolution
Technological advancements are important for any industry, but are especially vital to an industry based upon natural resources such as papermaking. Recently, I presented at PaperCon2012 in New Orleans, the largest pulp and paper technical convention in the world, bringing together CEOs, mill managers, scientists, engineers and suppliers from the...
22.03.2012 |
Creating Positive Impact through Knowledge-Sharing
Every year, APP-China is home to two significant industry-wide events that welcome guests from all over the world: the Sinar Mas Print Awards and the Chinese Paper Industry Sustainability Forum.
20.01.2012 |
Paper technology and sustainability
Over the summer I was fortunate enough to spend a week with four reporters in APP-China’s offices in Hainan.  The new facility at Hanian Jinhai Pulp & Paper Industry Co., Ltd is home to one of the most advanced paper making machines.