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02.10.2018 |
Boosting Sustainability and Your Bottom Line with Folding Boxboard
By Ian Lifshitz Folding boxboard (FBB) innovation is changing the global standard. As this on-the-rise packaging technology continues to become more prevalent globally and in the North American market, printers must be aware of both why the market is on the up and up, and how they can best adapt to this technology to give their package printing...
02.10.2018 |
Ending deforestation: A collective effort
By: Ian Lifshitz This article was sponsored by Asia Pulp & Paper. As of March 2017, 447 companies had made 760 commitments to curb forest destruction in supply chains ranging from palm oil, soy, timber, pulp and cattle. At the same time, the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement saw 80 percent of the 196 signatories committed to halting deforestation...
02.10.2018 |
Why Companies Must Look Beyond Their Own Supply Chain to Address Sustainability
There are many reasons that a holistic focus on sustainability and a sustainable supply chain is critically important in business today. Consumers are demanding sustainably sourced products. Shareholders and corporate boards are increasingly focused on CSR efforts and the business risks associated with issues such as climate change.
02.10.2018 |
Empowering community farmers to be thecatalyst for change in sustainable agriculture
By: Ian Lifshitz This article is sponsored by Asia Pulp and paper. Agus Suryono was a struggling oil palm farmer in his Indonesian village where the economy wasdependent on palm plantations. He earned $150-200 a month (converted from Indonesian rupiah). Five years ago, he joined a locally operated social economy program to educate farmers on...
02.10.2018 |
Remedy at hand: Paper for Plastic
For years now, plastic has been our best friend for life. We have never thought of an alternativeto plastic, and it has always been the most preferred product with packaging, transporting, day-to-day usage, etc. So much so, that when we shop at any store, we involuntarily ask for a‘plastic cover’ to carry back. We had perhaps forgotten to live a...
25.09.2018 |
Convenience at the cost of sustainability? Not necessarily
By: Ian Lifshitz This article is sponsored by Asia Pulp and Paper.  The holidays have come and gone, but e-commerce continues to thrive long after the gift-giving season. With speedy delivery times and easy checkout, shoppers have grown accustom to ordering everything they need for their day-to-day lives online and having packages delivered right...
02.05.2016 |
Emballage et E-Commerce : quelles perspectives pour 2016 ?
En Europe, le commerce en ligne  ou e-commerce a séduit plus de 331 millions d’internautes et a entraîné l’envoi de plus de 4 milliard de colis rien qu’en 2014. Le Royaume-Uni est l’Etat où cette tendance a été la plus forte avec un chiffre d’affaires représentant 127,2 milliard d’euros, suivi par l’Allemagne (71,2 milliard d’euros) et la France (...
twice loved packaging label by marcia furman
13.05.2015 |
Millennials y el packaging sostenible: el futuro del e-commerce
Probablemente este concepto no os sea desconocido pero… ¿Quiénes son los Millennials? Generación Y, Generación del  Milenio o simplemente Millennials hace referencia a aquellos que nacieron entre los años 1980 y 2000 aproximadamente.