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01.03.2018 |
Cine: ilusiones de papel
A primera vista podría parecer que cine y papel no son conceptos con mucha relación entre sí, más si tenemos en cuenta que estamos en plena era digital. Sin embargo, el papel ha tenido mucha importancia en la industria cinematográfica desde sus inicios, sobre todo en el campo de la animación. Casi se puede afirmar que sin el papel, el séptimo arte...
16.02.2018 |
Acknowledging the third leg on the sustainability stool
To ensure that APP’s entire land concession (including the 20% managed by local villagers) is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable, the company has enacted a program called the Integrated Forestry and Farming System (IFFS). Today, the system includes 184 villages and is designed to include 500 villages within five years.
14.02.2018 |
Why paper is here to stay
Two decades ago e-books disrupted the world of publishing. Since the introduction of commercial e-readers in the 1990s, the downfallof print books seemed inevitable. Likewise with the advance of the digital era, paper notebooks and planners were considered obsolete.
04.01.2018 |
Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) further refutes allegations and announces it will invite stakeholders to review the facts in relation to the allegations made
Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) further refutes allegations and announces it will invite stakeholders to review the facts in relation to the allegations made.
22.12.2017 |
Asia Pulp & Paper (APP)’s Response to the Associated Press (AP) Articles
In recent days The Associated Press (AP) through several articles made serious and unsubstantiated allegations against Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). These allegations call into question the serious efforts we have made on our 5-year journey in implementing our Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) and towards our Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020. The...
21.12.2017 |
APP Sinar Mas Raih Penghargaan Industri Hijau dari Menperin RI
 Kementerian Perindustrian (Kemenperin) RI memberikan penghargaan Industri Hijau 2017 kepada dua unit industri Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tangerang dan Pindo Deli Pulp & Paper Perawang yang diserahkan langsung oleh Sekjen Kemenperin Haris Munandar. Penghargaan yang diberikan ini menegaskan bahwa APP telah...
21.12.2017 |
APP Sinar Mas Receives Green Industry Award from Industry Ministry
The Industry Ministry has given the 2017 Green Industry Award to two Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) industrial units, namely Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tangerang and Pindo Deli Pulp & Paper Perawang. The awards were given by the ministry’s secretary-general Haris Munandar. The award reaffirms APP Sinar Mas’ commitment to ensuring the efficient...
20.12.2017 |
Statement from Asia Pulp & Paper regarding the Associated Press story published on the 20th December 2017 titled: Pulp Giant's Makeover Obscures Legal Ties
Jakarta, 20  December 2017 -  The Associated Press has made serious unsubstantiated allegations against Asia Pulp & Paper, that cast APP in a negative light. This is deeply disappointing. We had indicated to AP that APP would reply. Given that the allegations were serious, and the issues were complex, it required significant background checks...
15.12.2017 |
Sustainability during the Holiday Gift Giving Season
The holiday season is in full swing and many consumers are turning to online shopping to fulfill their gift giving needs. With so many items being delivered to people’s homes, now is a critical time for retailers to be thinking about the sustainability of packaging amidst the e-commerce boom.
13.12.2017 |
Packaging sostenible: un regalo navideño para nuestro planeta
¿Cuántos de nosotros hemos comprado regalos de navidad cómodamente desde el sofa de nuestra casa?