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10.12.2018 |
Pemangku Kepentingan Harus Bahu-membahu untuk Capai Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan
Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas berhasil meraih penghargaan kategori perunggu pada ajang Asia Sustainability Reporting (ASR) Rating 2018 di Lampung. Melalui penghargaan tersebut, National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR) selaku penyelenggara mengapresiasi komitmen APP Sinar Mas sebagai salah satu perusahaan yang terdepan dan...
10.10.2018 |
Restaurant Patrons Willing to Pay More for Sustainable Packaging, Says New Asia Pulp & Paper Survey
Customers of fast-casual restaurants increasingly value corporate sustainability practicesaccording to a new study released by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), the 2018 Paper & Packaging Consumer Trends Report.
15.08.2018 |
Fourth consecutive visit to Asia Pulp & Paper facilities in Riau, Sumatra by Sakado High School
On 15th August 2018 , we received a group students and teachers from Sakado High School to the facilities of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) in Perawang. The school has been sending  their students to the facility since 2014 for them to learn and understand the pulp and paper production process, whilst ensuring forest conservation in Indonesia...
30.04.2018 |
APP Mendukung Mera
MERA adalah inisiatif yang diinisiasi oleh YKAN, mitra lokal dari The Nature Conservancy Indonesia, di tahun 2018. Inisiatif ini merupakan suatu platform nasional multi-pemangku kepentingan yang berfokus pada pembangunan pengetahuan terkait mangrove untuk mengurangi kerentanan masyarakat pesisir, sumber daya dan aset, juga dalam mitigasi dan...
04.04.2018 |
Supply chain roundtable: Going 'beyond audit' to drive sustainability action
Up to 80% of a company’s climate impact can derive from the supply chain – a tangled and often hidden web that can span the globe. Trapped within this web are a myriad of critical environmental and social issues – from deforestation to toxic chemicals to human rights abuses, and everything in between.
19.02.2018 |
Sostenibilidad 360º
Cada vez que termina un año y empieza uno nuevo es bueno echar la vista atrás y recapitular todo lo que hemos hecho. Es saludable para reforzar nuestra estrategia y mejorar en nuestros puntos más débiles. Pero también es necesario para definir cuáles serán los próximos pasos a seguir. 
16.02.2018 |
Acknowledging the third leg on the sustainability stool
To ensure that APP’s entire land concession (including the 20% managed by local villagers) is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable, the company has enacted a program called the Integrated Forestry and Farming System (IFFS). Today, the system includes 184 villages and is designed to include 500 villages within five years.
13.02.2018 |
COP 23: 6 cosas que deberías saber sobre silvicultura y paisajes en Indonesia
La 23º cumbre sobre el cambio climático de la ONU, más conocida como COP, tuvo lugar durante los días 6 y 17 de noviembre en Bonn. Ésta es una cita importante para Asia Pulp & Paper debido a su compromiso por llevar la gestión sostenible de los bosques a lo más alto de su agenda en la lucha contra el cambio climático.
13.02.2018 |
COP23 : 6 choses à savoir sur la sylviculture et les territoires indonésiens
La 23ème édition des négociations de l'ONU sur le changement climatique, connue sous le nom de COP23, s'est déroulée du 6 au 17 novembre 2017 à Bonn.  Cette rencontre est importante pour Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) car le groupe est très engagé pour mettre la sylviculture et la gestion durable des forêts au sommet de l'agenda de la lutte contre le...
15.12.2017 |
Sustainability during the Holiday Gift Giving Season
The holiday season is in full swing and many consumers are turning to online shopping to fulfill their gift giving needs. With so many items being delivered to people’s homes, now is a critical time for retailers to be thinking about the sustainability of packaging amidst the e-commerce boom.