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25.09.2018 |
Convenience at the cost of sustainability? Not necessarily
By: Ian Lifshitz This article is sponsored by Asia Pulp and Paper.  The holidays have come and gone, but e-commerce continues to thrive long after the gift-giving season. With speedy delivery times and easy checkout, shoppers have grown accustom to ordering everything they need for their day-to-day lives online and having packages delivered right...
25.09.2018 |
Transparency, trust, traceability: The converter’s gatekeeper role in sustainable supply chains
By Ian Lifshitz, vp-Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations, The Americas, Asia Pulp & Paper Abstract What do brands like Nutella, Walmart and Disney have in common? All of these companies have needed to re-evaluate their supply-chain management when their sustainability efforts were questioned on a global scale. Sustainability is a...
22.03.2017 |
Algunos pasan desapercibidos y otros son una verdadera obra de arte, lo cierto es que los envases de cartón están presentes en nuestra vida desde hace mucho tiempo. Si echamos un vistazo a nuestro alrededor encontraremos más de un producto cubierto por este material: un cartón de leche, cereales, la caja de tu perfume favorito o el packaging de tu...
03.11.2016 |
Sustainable Paper Sourcing Options for Educational Institutions
Sustainable sourcing is at the forefront for many industries -- retail, government, hospitality to name a few, but right now, one of the most important sectors driving sustainable change  is educational institutions.  It makes sense as this "next generation" has historically been responsible and held sway in the innovation influencing business...
24.10.2016 |
Global Brands Align Behind Landscape Conservation
For I was honored to be invited as one of the speakers at SPC Advance 2016, an annual conference on the latest trends and issues in sustainable packaging for the members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, including global brands such as Unilever, Mattel, Coca Cola, Walmart and Disney.
18.05.2016 |
Building Trust Within a Global Supply Chain
For the past several years, APP has been a proud member of the Sustainable Consortium, as a matter of fact, we co-chair the consortiums Pulp & Paper working group.  I recently attended their annual members summit in Washington, DC.  One of the primary themes of the conference was addressing complexities of a sustainable and global supply chain.
21.03.2016 |
Giornata Internazionale delle Foreste
Il 21 marzo Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) celebra la Giornata Internazionale delle Foreste. Indetta nel 2012 dall’Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite (ONU), questa giornata celebrata a livello internazionale è l’occasione per ricordare le funzioni ambientali,ecologiche, sociali ed economiche intrinseche alle foreste e per sensibilizzare verso l’...