Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020 Reports

We take transparency seriously and are committed to reporting on how we are progressing towards our goals.

Following are three ways APP tracks its sustainability commitments.

Roadmap Vision 2020 Status Reports / Forest Conservation Policy Reports

APP Sustainability Roadmap

February 5, 2014 marked the one year anniversary of our Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). Check back for highlights from the FCP One Year Anniversary event.

On June 5, 2012, we announced our Sustainability Roadmap for the next decade and beyond. The Sustainability Roadmap extends APP’s commitments to further improve environmental performance, biodiversity conservation and protection of community rights.

On February 5, 2013, we provided an update on our progress on the Roadmap in which we unveiled a new Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). You can watch highlights from the event here

On June 4, 2013, we announced an absolute deadline of August 31, 2013 for all natural forest wood felled prior to February 1, 2013, to have reach our pulp mills, along with additional highlights which can be found here.

FCP Implementation Plan - February 05, 2015

The FCP Implementation Plan includes priorities for 2015 onwards, which draw upon Rainforest Alliance's most recent findings. These are issues related to third party forest clearance, peatland best management practices as well as FPIC and social conflict resolution. Read more here.

Highlights of the Annual Progress Report – February 05, 2014

Our FCP One Year Summary highlights several significant milestones since we announced a complete halt to natural forest clearance, and the beginning of, what we believe is one of the world’s most complex and widespread rainforest conservation programmes. This month, we are also proud to announce a new third party partnership for evaluation of the FCP, and a newly dedicated expert team on peat led by Alterra Wageningen. We also began implementation of Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) at our new mill in OKI, south Sumatra.

For more information on our Roadmap status, please see the progress reports and information below:

  • 1st Year APP Sustainability Roadmap - Annual Report (English)
  • APP Response to Greenpeace FCP Review (English) (Indonesia/Bahasa)
  • 4th APP Sustainability Roadmap - Progress Report (English
  • 4th APP Sustainability Roadmap - News Release (English)
  • 3rd APP Sustainability Roadmap - Progress Report (English)
  • 3rd APP Sustainability Roadmap - News Release (English)
  • 2nd APP Sustainability Roadmap - Progress Report (English) (Indonesia/Bahasa)
  • 2nd APP Sustainability Roadmap - News Release (English)
  • 1st APP Sustainability Roadmap - Progress Report (English
  • 1st APP Sustainability Roadmap - NewsRelease (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Policy (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Policy - 18th Month Report (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Implementation Plan: 2015 and Beyond (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Policy Progress Update: September 2015 (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Policy Progress Update - 3rd Anniversary: February 2016 (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Policy Progress Update: September 2016 (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Policy Progress Update - 4th Anniversary: March 2017 (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Policy Progress Update: September 2017 (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Policy Progress Update - 5th Anniversary: May 2018 (English)
  • APP Forest Conservation Policy Progress Update: September 2018 (English)

TFT Progress Reports

As part of our commitment to full transparency and ongoing monitoring of our policy commitments, The Forest Trust (TFT) publish regular reports on our progress. You can read the reports here:

Grievance Verification Reports

To ensure transparency in the implementation of our FCP, APP believes that interested stakeholders can be a constructive partner to help us improve the implementation of a sustainable FCP.  Their inputs and concerns are very important to us.  Therefore, we developed a procedure to address any grievance that our stakeholders have identified related to the implementation of our FCP.

Upon receiving grievance, a verification team will be formed consisting of APP, SMF and TFT. Once the verification work has been completed, a report of the findings will be published here.

Below are the reports of the grievances received to date:

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