Founded in 1975, the company joined APP in 1992.

Pindo Deli’s manufacturing facilities are located at two sites, measuring 45 hectares and 450 hectares, both located in West Java Province.

The company’s history is characterized by phenomenal growth in capacity and as a well known producer of good quality paper in the region. The major paper machines in Pindo Deli are PM 8 and 9, which both started their production in 1997.

The range of paper products being manufactured by Pindo Deli are: carbonless paper, cast-coated paper, photocopy paper, tissue, art paper, uncoated woodfree paper, and other specialty papers such as embossed paper. The luxurious range consists of high quality tissue for facial, handkerchiefs, toilet rolls, household towels and napkins.

The company’s major brands are: Bola Dunia, Golden Coin, Golden Star, Specta Colour, Lucky Boss, Mirage, Buffalo Hide, Nice, Livi and Jolly. The company launched its newest brand Paseo for converted tissue products in the third quarter of 1998.

Pindo Deli has been involved in a lot of community projects, namely assisting the Government in its education programs and creating small-scale industries to give hundreds of people a chance to make a better living. For these efforts and others, the President of Indonesia has honoured Pindo Deli with the prestigious Upakarti award (the Upakarti awards recognise leading innovation from Indonesian companies).

The mill also has achieved the ISO 14001 and ISO 9002 (now ISO 9001:2000) certification for its activities in Environmental Management System and Quality Management System.

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