Asia Pulp Paper procurement
25.09.2014 |
The Critical Role of Sustainable Sourcing
International leaders must grapple with a variety of issues each day but this week, attention has been focused on the environment.
A Survival Guide for Forestry Businesses and the Planet
23.09.2014 |
A Survival Guide for Forestry Businesses and the Planet
The world’s forests have today been given what we can only hope is a realistic reprieve. The New York Declaration on Forests marks a watershed in the...
03.09.2014 |
APP’s Zero Deforestation Journey
It has been 18 months since we embarked on our Zero Deforestation journey with the introduction of our Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). It is truly...
15.08.2014 |
Cottonsoft recognised for innovation
As an affiliate of APP, Cottonsoft has welcomed the significant steps the company has taken on its sustainability journey, including its commitment...
08.07.2014 |
Every Voice Matters
A couple of months ago, I received a letter from three 5th grade students and their teacher from the Aquila Elementary School in St. Paul, Minnesota...
01.06.2014 |
The New Norm of Zero Deforestation
If the world is to continue to benefit from forest-based products, then Zero Deforestation policies have to become the ‘new norm’ for the businesses...
28.05.2014 |
Importance of Water
Nearly every major industry across the world today requires water, including the pulp and paper industry. However, according to experts at a recent...
28.05.2014 |
Why Care About Sustainable Paper?
Environmental campaigns have gained much momentum in Hong Kong over the past few years. Public awareness of responsible consumption is growing, but...
Asia Pulp and Paper US Chamber Commerce Event
21.05.2014 |
Indonesia’s Collaborative Effort
Collaboration is a term we learn about often in life. We learn about it in kindergarten when working on projects with several schoolmates; we learn...
09.05.2014 |
My Speech at Forests Asia
I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at the Forest Asia Summit in Jakarta, organised by CIFOR earlier this week. The Summit saw over 1,000...


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