18.06.2012 |
Progress on Global Water Crisis at Rio+20
This week, my colleagues and I had the fantastic opportunity to represent APP and join the various delegations from all over the world at the UN...
15.06.2012 |
Rio +20 and President Yudhoyono’s global plea for sustainability
In the coming days my colleagues and I will be attending the 
15.06.2012 |
Support for Sustainable Growth in Indonesia
I’m pleased to announce that, in line with World Environment Day on June 5, 2012, APP announced its Sustainability Roadmap for 2020, which supports...
23.05.2012 |
High Conservation Values cover more than ‘Natural Forest’
In my last blog post on APP’s new commitment to High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF), I made the following statement: “APP is applying the HCVF...
17.05.2012 |
APP’s announcement on high conservation value forest
Tuesday was one of the most significant days of my time working for Asia Pulp & Paper Group. At a press conference in Jakarta, I joined several...
10.05.2012 |
APP welcomes Global Counsel to our family of advisors
APP has been working with other stakeholders to revamp our legality-traceability and chain-of-custody systems since 2003. Our systems are audited...
30.04.2012 |
Indonesia Labor Day
Today is Labor Day, an important event in Indonesia which honors and celebrates the economic and social achievements of workers from all over the...
29.04.2012 |
Employee CSR Competition Boosts Sustainability
Every day I’m reminded of how much sustainability impacts people – those living around our mills, the customers we sell to and our own employees.
15.04.2012 |
What a Pleasure to Have Friends Visiting from Afar
This guest post was contributed by Mr. Ren Wenbin, PR Director & Forestry Expert from Guangxi Jingui Pulp & Paper. After the news footage...
12.04.2012 |
Partnership to Help Solve Indonesian Clean Water Shortages
In developing countries, the need for clean water is a necessity, and the unfortunate reality is that millions of people around the world are without...


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