17.05.2012 |
APP’s announcement on high conservation value forest
Tuesday was one of the most significant days of my time working for Asia Pulp & Paper Group. At a press conference in Jakarta, I joined several...
10.05.2012 |
APP welcomes Global Counsel to our family of advisors
APP has been working with other stakeholders to revamp our legality-traceability and chain-of-custody systems since 2003. Our systems are audited...
30.04.2012 |
Indonesia Labor Day
Today is Labor Day, an important event in Indonesia which honors and celebrates the economic and social achievements of workers from all over the...
29.04.2012 |
Employee CSR Competition Boosts Sustainability
Every day I’m reminded of how much sustainability impacts people – those living around our mills, the customers we sell to and our own employees.
15.04.2012 |
What a Pleasure to Have Friends Visiting from Afar
This guest post was contributed by Mr. Ren Wenbin, PR Director & Forestry Expert from Guangxi Jingui Pulp & Paper. After the news footage...
12.04.2012 |
Partnership to Help Solve Indonesian Clean Water Shortages
In developing countries, the need for clean water is a necessity, and the unfortunate reality is that millions of people around the world are without...
09.04.2012 |
World Water Day: The glass is half full
The UN’s World Water Day marked an important milestone for raising awareness of the need for water and food security among the world’s nations,...
29.03.2012 |
Global Best Practice in Human Rights
The International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) industry awards were announced this month. These awards recognize excellence in accounting from leading...
22.03.2012 |
Creating Positive Impact through Knowledge-Sharing
Every year, APP-China is home to two significant industry-wide events that welcome guests from all over the world: the Sinar Mas Print Awards and the...
02.03.2012 |
Panel of Sustainable Vision
The guest post was contributed by Jean Carlo Viterbo of International Dialogue Advisors GmbH.


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