28.06.2011 |
Ian L.
What does the Year of the Forest really mean?

The United Nations has announced that 2011 is the year of the forest – what does that really mean to you?

For some individuals and organizations, it may be difficult to connect with a global initiative about forests. I’m lucky to work for the world’s third largest pulp and paper company, Asia Pulp & Paper, which has made a commitment to sustainability and forest protection that goes far beyond anything I’ve seen in North America.

All businesses and corporations have both an opportunity and a responsibility to look at sustainability programs and refocus the future of their businesses. It’s often the relatively small efforts that deliver life-changing results, and give back to the communities and the environment in ways that will positively impact local people and the environment – today and for years to come.

Organizations can develop a balance between conducting business and doing what is right by the environment. These things might be as simple as investing in environmentally friendly corporate facilities, supporting community environmental programs like tree planting and participating in recycling and energy conversion programs.

The point is that it’s up to all of us to embrace sustainability, not just within nature, but within our daily lives and interactions. I challenge you and your organizations to find those significant activities – large or small – that will create a sustainable impact to your business and the environment.

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