15.12.2017 |
Ian L.
Sustainability during the Holiday Gift Giving Season

The holiday season is in full swing and many consumers are turning to online shopping to fulfill their gift giving needs. With so many items being delivered to people’s homes, now is a critical time for retailers to be thinking about the sustainability of packaging amidst the e-commerce boom.

At the end of the day, packaging needs to be functional and protect goods that are being delivered. However, it’s also important for brands to understand and meet the sustainable preferences of their customers. Our 2017 Paper & Packaging Consumer Trends Report found that compared to five years ago, the sustainability of paper-based packaging today is either much more or more important to half of all Americans (50 percent.)

The same report also found that nearly half of all Americans (48 percent) say companies need to do a better job of delivering items in packaging that better fits the products and reduces waste.And we were excited to see this stat recently featured in a USA Today Snapshot.

Other key findings from the report include:
• 62 percent of Americans said stores need to do a better job of sending delivery items in packaging that better fits the product’s size
• 60 percent of Americans said deliveries need to come in sustainable, recyclable or environmentally friendly packaging

Given these findings, retailers and manufacturers should be mindful of how they package products for delivery – this can include everything from the size and shape of boxes to the actual logistics of how items are shipped. Brands can also place an emphasis on ensuring that they are sustainably sourcing packaging products. When the environmental impact is kept to a minimum, we can all feel good about giving gifts and celebrating the season.
You can learn more about the consumer report here on our blog.

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