21.08.2015 |
Michael M.
The Restaurant Show: Not just for Foodies Anymore

Asia Pulp & Paper is proud of our association with the National Restaurant Association. It’s membership is chock full of all types of restaurants and hospitality companies and those who support them.

At their annual conference in Chicago, no less than 70,000 attendees walk through the convention hall doors looking for the next trend in culinary art, kitchen equipment innovation and food service technology.

I walked into the entrance surrounded by the latest fast cooker ovens, quick serve pina coladas and a new take on the good ol’ fashioned hot dog. It wasn’t until my second pass of the booths that I noticed a small company out of my home state of New Hampshire, R.F Hunter.


R.F. Hunter is both a family company and a pioneer. The company has been making oil filtration equipment since the 1940’s. In short, their devices increase the life of cooking oil by filtering through its patented oil filtration machine. The main ingredient in this innovative, yet decades old technology is paper.

The paper filter, or envelope as it is sometimes called, has a perfect permeable surface throughout which catches residues, food and grease build up, allowing the oil to pass through on the other side clear of impurities and doubling its life at the same time.


I spoke with R.F. Hunter’s sales director, Chris Soucy, about why they settled on a high-grade paper filter and he said the answer was simple. ‘With its unique porous attributes, a paper filter provides an easy, simple and cost-effective way for our customers to filter the oil.’ Chris also added that the filter is made from longer virgin fibers necessary to provide restaurant owners a safe, strong and sustainable way to quickly remove sediment and extend the life of cooking oil.

In a convention hall filled with endless sweet and salty samples, I loved hearing about yet another unique way paper is making a difference in our lives – in this case, the restaurant industry.

Helping both small and large restaurant owners increase productivity is important, but more so, it assists them in getting back to the business of making what they make best – delectable delights!

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