24.04.2015 |
The Pulse of Our Industry

By Eda Englund

Looking for the freshest news and latest technology in the paper world? I had an exciting glimpse of that at this year’s Paper2015.

Paper2015 is an annual event “Where the Industry Meets.” It’s hosted by the American Forest & Paper Association and the National Paper Trade Association. This annual conference combines emerging trends and issues in paper with the latest technology. The conference also provides ample opportunity for productive customer meetings.

Of course, no conference in our industry would be complete without a discussion on sustainability. This year, the AF&PA continued their work promoting their sustainability goals through their “Better Practices, Better Planet 2020” program.  Sustainability was also one of the topics mentioned in our many meetings with customers as well. Customers were optimistic about APP’s Forest Conservation Policy commitments, and complimentary towards our position as a zero deforestation leader. Other buzz around our customer meetings included conversations about trends in packaging board, commercial/digital print grades, and specialty and office products. 

The theme of this year’s conference, Mapping Our Future, could not be better aligned with APP’s Forest Conservation Policy. Our sustainability goals have become an integrated part of our future, particularly as we look towards a holistic future that merges our innovative sustainability work with our advanced technology to create some of the newest paper products at competitive prices.

This holistic approach was reflected in APP’s meetings at Paper2015. Through APP’s global capabilities, we were able to present a full suite of innovative products to customers at the conference, including wrapping paper, gift bags, stationery products, copy paper and specialty papers and just about any paper product that a customer may want.

The excitement and conference sentiment was strong this year, as the industry looks forward to global growth for pulp and paper markets. We look forward to next year’s conference!

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