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Melita F.
Indonesian Youth Protecting the Future

Education is a forever gift.

That simple sentence inspires Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) to always spread its wings and embrace as many parties as possible in order to work together to develop education in Indonesia. In this case, APP is supporting another aspect of learning specifically about the environmental in fun ways through the Indonesian Youth Protecting the Future program, a contest designed to show APP’s commitment to education in partnership with a public junior high school, SMPN 12.

APP learned that SMPN 12 is one of best junior high schools in South Jakarta and is uniquely the greenest school in the area. The school has its own composting area in which organic waste is turned into fertilizer. The headmaster himself has given great attention to the environment and takes part in national and international events on how to include green living concepts into the school’s syllabus.

Indonesian Youth Protecting the Future is a combined program for grade 7 and 8 students. It started with the students visiting the mills and learning about tree planting. Our hope is to give students the opportunity to see the how paper is made as one of the basic needs of a student in school and how the industry impacts the environment in a wider scope.

The students explored their surroundings, gathered information on their chosen theme and described what they learned through written essays and art drawings.

Judging was divided into three layers: teachers, representatives from the Kompas daily newspaper and the Jakarta Post national newspaper, and finally online voters. The students with the most online votes will receive an exclusive package from APP and the opportunity to participate in national events on education and the environment.

I’m please to congratulate the following winners:

Grade 7 Essay – Bahasa

·         1st Place: Binatang Yang Hampir Punah by Diana Ema L

·         2nd Place: Indonesia Paru – Paru Dunia by Deandra Prisilla

·         3rd Place: Hutan, Indonesiaku by Ericko Dimas Pamungkas

Grade 8 Essay – Bahasa

·         1st Place: Dunia Perlu Bahan Bakar Yang Terbaru by Nur Rochmah WR

·         2nd Place: Indonesia Kaya, Tapi… by Esa Khairina Husein

·         3rd Place: Selamatkan Hutan bakau, Selamatkan Wilayah Pesisir Indonesia by Annisa Nurhikmatillah

Grade 7 Essay – English

·         1st Place: Endangered Animals in Indonesia! By Hasya Nainggolan

·         2nd Place: Indonesian Biodiversity by Nenden Syafira

·         3rd Place: Save The Environment by Clara Rivina M

Grade 8 Essay – English

·         1st Place: Mangrove tress, a better living Fitriastuti Listyaningrum

·         2nd Place: How To Make Indonesia “once again” Get The Lungs Of The World by Aliya Dwikurnia R

·         3rd Place: Indonesia For Our World by Karina Puspita Sari


·         1st Place: Save Our Earth by Fitriastuti Listyaningrum

·         2nd Place: Grow Trees for the World by Elma Eklesia

·         3rd Place: Sumatran Tiger, Our Treasure by Olivia Rahma

Last week there was a special celebration held at the school for the students. At the event, APP announced a donation to renovate the school’s library and the student health center to be opened in the 2011/2012 academic year. The students were so excited to be recognized for their hard work and the important role they play in the protecting the environment for years to come.

I am proud to be a part of the positive learning process with these smart, healthy and cheerful students. I’ve learned that it takes splashes of colors to produce beautiful paintings but even the smallest contribution to education and our environment impacts the future and is forever a gift.

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