08.05.2015 |
Michael M.
A Green Dialogue on Sustainability and Climate


As the world's leading scientists and forestry experts contine to research the latest innovation and technology to study the effects of climate change, every now and then a good face to face conversation can push that process forward even further. That was the case recently in South Korea at the United Nation's Green Climate Fund (GCF). The focus of the meeting was on climate change, landscape management and what it will take to push the world towards a more sustainable path. It was less a meeting and more of a conversation between NGO's, companies, governments and academia – stakeholders all with differing points of view, but with a shared purpose in mind: To protect our forests. 

We at Asia Pulp and Paper were honored to be asked to join the conversation and I was particularly excited to represent my 80,000 fellow APP colleagues at the GCF table.

Mr. Javier Manzanares, the CFO and director of support services for the GCF kicked the two day session off by making clear the need to all work in tandem with one another and that lowering global CO2 emissions, increasing sustainable landscape management and pushing energy innovation forward would be critical in climate mitigation. 

I shared a stage with a forestry expert, a professor, and an NGO specializing in landscape management. We discussed what each of our sectors was currently undertaking to combat climate change and sustainability progress. 

I specifically spoke about two key aspects of APP's Forest Conservation Policy. The first being the sustainable plantation model whereby APP is managing thriving and sustainable forests. The second is APP's efforts on the massive restoration of one million hectares of land which will be restored and preserved.  

As the discussions continued into the second day, so did the trading of ideas -- and with it, the hope that one day these innovative, albeit unique actions being taken, will not be new or groundbreaking at all, but rather the norm.


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