10.11.2014 |
Dr Liz Wilks, European Stakeholder and Sustainability Manager at Asia Pulp & Paper, speaking at the World Forum for Responsible Economy

The need for a responsible economy has never been so important; the world’s industries face the challenge of supplying more people than ever, at a time when resource scarcity is increasing. As a result, businesses are having to change and adapt the way they work to address these issues. At APP, through our Zero Deforestation approach to sourcing, we are showing that radical business change is possible.

It is because of this journey that APP was invited to speak at the World Forum in Lille, an annual event which brings together corporate leaders, experts, NGOs and students to further the development of the responsible economy by showcasing best practices adopted by corporations, whether they are SMEs or large organisations.

APP was invited to speak at the “Forestry Resources Challenge” session which was dedicated to sustainable forest management, alongside Maison du Monde, a French manufacturer and distributor of furniture and home decoration, and Beraca, a Brazilian manufacturer of natural extracts and compounds for the cosmetics industry.

Like many of the companies who participated at the forum, APP has embarked on a significant business transformation. We shared our experience in delivering a policy of Zero Deforestation across our entire supply chain as part of our Forest Conservation Policy. We also had a number of positive conversations with both the audience and other companies about their approach to sustainability issues and the successes and challenges for the future, where we were able to share our best-practice strategies in implementing sustainable policies, creating supply chain traceability, and providing a responsible sourcing approach.

Forest restoration was another topic we were able to share our experience on – our commitment to protecting and restoring one million hectares of land is one of the largest initiatives of its kind. Although it is in its early stages it is a significant commitment to ensure the safe guarding of ecologically valuable land.

The challenge facing the participants of the World Forum now is to build scale behind the best practice showcased and explored at the event to develop a more responsible economy. My hope is that APP has shown that Zero Deforestation is worth pursuing, and that changing business practices can begin to make a difference and that by doing so, we can inspire change in other businesses.




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