28.03.2014 |
Martin F.
Community Waste Bank Program Initiative

As a company that is very water dependent, APP has an obligation to manage water responsibly. That is why we were the first pulp and paper company in Indonesia to adopt the United Nations CEO Water Mandate, a global initiative to support sustainable water management principles and practices. Each year we also celebrate World Water Day to help raise awareness of water resource issues.

This year, we are supporting the Community Waste Bank Program, which aims to address Jakarta’s chronic flooding problem by working with communities to collect, sell and recycle household waste. Flooding in Jakarta is caused in part by carelessly discarded waste material that blocks sewer systems and drains. Our goal is that by showing communities how employment and profit can be generated from this waste, less of it will be thrown away, thereby reducing pressure on the city’s drainage.

Waste collected through the scheme is sorted at the waste bank, and then sold for recycling or to be used as raw material for handicrafts. This will generate much-needed income for participants, many of whom are living well below the poverty line.

The program will be conducted in several phases in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, and will include education and training for participants, groundwork preparation, trials, monitoring, and evaluation.

APP is participating in the project in collaboration with Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) and Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI - partner of World Vision Indonesia), and several businesses incorporated within the IGCN: Indonesia Water Mandate Working Group (IWM WG), PT Martina Berto Tbk, PT Singaland Asetama (Green Eagle Group), and the Rajawali Foundation.

As Chair of the Indonesia Water Mandate Working Group, APP will continue its water conservation efforts both inside and outside its operations. We encourage others to join our Working Group and partner with us to address water quality and management issues across Indonesia. 

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