12.08.2015 |
Ian L.
Asia Pulp & Paper Named Finalist for PPI 2015 Environmental Strategy of the Year Award

We are honored to announce that Asia Pulp & Paper has been nominated for the prestigious Pulp & Paper International 2015 Environmental Strategy of the Year Award. The award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in designing and implementing wide-ranging sustainability initiatives across all aspects of its manufacturing, supply chains and operational processes.
This is the second time that APP has been nominated for this award.  Winning or losing is not the important factor, but we are strongly encouraged that PPI continues to recognize the importance of fostering dialogue around critical issues such as zero deforestation and sustainable sourcing practices. As a company with more than 70,000 employees worldwide, it is incumbent upon all of us to promote responsible environmental and forestry management solutions.
The declaration of our Forest Conservation Policy in February 2013 signaled the first step in our journey.  Two and a half years later, we have made considerable progress, thanks to the dedication of our employees, and through close collaboration with our partners in the public and private sectors such as Greenpeace and The Forest Trust.
We also understand that this journey is ongoing, and that implementation is the true measure of our success. We know that challenges will arise, but our commitment to zero
deforestation and sustainable forest management practices is firm. We will continue to persevere and stay true to our mission, with transparency and openness as our guiding principles along the way.
We look forward to learning who will be named as the winner on September 28. For a full list of the nominees, please click here.  

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