27.06.2019 |
Asia P.
APP’s Foopak Named Product of the Year at ELEMCON 2019

FooPak recognized as a successful, innovative and sustainable product by Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today.

Asia Pulp & Paper’s Foopak BioNatura range has won honors once again; this time, at the annual Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference (ELEMCON) 2019. Foopak, also known as Delipak in some markets, was recognized for its innovative water-based coating that enhances compostability and provides a practical alternative to plastic and styrofoam packaging materials.

Unlike food packaging made using petroleum-based plastic inner linings, which takes a long time to decompose, Foopak has been certified by ISEGA for compostability within just 12 weeks.

Foopak satisfies growing customer hunger for safe, and sustainable, food packaging, and has the potential to keep tons of plastic and polyethylene-laminated paperboard out of landfills each year.

FDA approved, environmentally friendly, and suited for a wide variety of applications, the development of Foopak into a viable product is a clear demonstration of APP’s commitment to responsible growth and to drive innovation that creates a better, healthier and more sustainable future.

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