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APP applies advanced technology to practice sustainable forest management

The news magazine program “China in Progress” of Taiwan’s tier-one media TVBS visited APP Jinhai Pulp & Paper in Hainan last October and provided in-depth coverage on APP’s innovative technology leveraged to balance business and environment sustainability. The story was first aired as a seven-minute feature story in December, it was aired again recently by another TV program “Our World is Changing” as a three-minute segment presenting highlights from the first showing.

To get a full picture of APP’s efforts and best practices in sustainability, interviews were conducted during the trip. Anthony Chang, Vice Director of APP Jinhai Pulp & Paper led a tour around the paper mill to present the largest paper machine which produces the widest culture paper in the world. Chang emphasized APP’s significant investment in wastewater and black liquor treatment recognized by the Chinese government, as well as the cogeneration system to remain self-sufficient in energy consumption, effectively positioning APP Jinhai Pulp & Paper a world-leading pulp and papermaking facility in terms of water efficiency and discharge. In addition to the fact that 88% of electricity needed for pulp-making is generated by wastewater, the onsite environmental park also uses processed wastewater for gardening and the fish pond.

Following the mill tour, Dr. Wending Huang, Deputy CEO of APP China Forestry who oversees APP’s plantations in China, offered the reporters a visit to the Dingan R&D center and neighboring plantations. Dr. Huang explained APP’s “cloning” of select tree species to achieve the most optimal results from its “plantation-pulp-paper” integration, which also ensures the sustainability of raw material and maintains biodiversity. Together with rigorous supply chain management, APP has achieved the goal of utilizing 100% plantation wood in for its production, since it first made the ambitious promise in the Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020 back in 2012.

The media tour indeed provided insightful facts on APP’s progress on transforming papermaking into a sustainable business, which has further reserved the public’s stereotypical perception that the pulp and paper industry is environmental-unfriendly. As an excellent example of spearheading sustainable changes for the better is possible in every way, APP also demonstrates the most responsible of business conduct as a leading global company. 

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