Can pharmaceutical packaging be safety-compliant and sustainable?

There is a growing focus in the packaging industry on producing environmentally sustainable products. Increasingly consumers, and by extension retailers, are demanding the items they purchase have as little impact on the environment as possible. In fact, 71% 71 percent of people are influenced to purchase paper and packaging products based on sustainable attributes, according to a recent survey by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP).

Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies were more concerned about manufacturing and supplying costs than about eco-friendliness, but with the growing pharmaceutical market, companies are now expected to be more transparent in business practices, including the downstream role they play in impacting the environment. Ultimately this means packaging is sourced and made from more sustainable materials—with the goal of less packaging in general.

Utilizing sustainable packaging can be a challenge for everyday packaging needs, but even more so in the pharmaceutical industry where government safety regulations and patient usability take precedence. While consumers and retailers are shifting to a more environmentally conscious mindset, they still expect pharma companies to adhere to safety regulations and manufacture high-quality packaging for their products.

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