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APP Held First SAF Webinar

Launch SRV 2030 and Updated Forest Monitoring Dashboard

Women in forest management

Most of the time, women participation in the forestry sector is still underestimated. Whereas, Women play a significant role to conserve natural forests.

Rapid Reaction Team continue to work during pandemic

The APP Sinar Mas Rapid Reaction Team continue to work during the pandemic preventing fires in Riau. Read how they adapt with the strict health protocol during fire patrol.

IKPP Tangerang CSR Champion Wins 2020 “Kampung Jawara”

Catfish and Hydroponic Plants as Options for Food Security during Pandemic

Start from July 2020, bring your own shopping bag!

Starting this month, Jakarta banned the plastic bag use especially in traditional market and supermarket. Don’t forget to bring your own bag before shopping!

APP Information Security Week: Secured on working remotely

How to be secure while working out of office? The tips below.

SWA Brand Finance Award

Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper received the Top 100 Indonesia's Most Valuable Brands 2020 award from SWA Brand Finance.

APP Sinar Mas effort to prevent forest fire in South Sumatra

APP Sinar Mas is putting up intensive efforts to help fight forest and land fires in South Sumatra, working closely with the provincial government along with its suppliers. Read APP Sinar Mas effort to tackle fire season here.

Empowering women, empowering nations

Our dedication is manifested in the DMPA program, which is an effort to raise both economic resilience and environmental awareness among rural communities. It is where poverty alleviation and conservation efforts can go hand in hand.

Liz Wilks: Purpose with Passion

Meet Dr Liz Wilks, our European Director for Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement. Read how his contribution changed the way we see the industry.

Fostering business and household resilience in the new normal

This new normal challenged everyone not only on the business side but also on how we keep our household resilience. Read more about how APP Sinar Mas strives to keep them balanced.