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null Puteri Indonesia Lampung 2023 Visit: A New Experience Full of Hope

Puteri Indonesia Lampung 2023 Visit: A New Experience Full of Hope

There’s a special feeling of joy when we can share with others. As a company that is sustainable and responsible for the environment and community, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas actively contributes through various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Sharing is not confined to material things, as experience can also be shared. This is realized through the opportunity where Puteri Indonesia Lampung 2023 Lulu Zaharani Krisna visited one of APP Sinar Mas' business units, namely PT Konverta Mitra Abadi (PT KMA) Lampung which operates in the Natar area, South Lampung on Thursday, 2 February 2023.

CSR programs

The visit from Puteri Indonesia Lampung 2023 was welcomed directly by the HR & Sustainability Manager of PT KMA Lampung Andri Restuni along with the HR Team, CSR Team, and Safety Team. In building and strengthening relations, this visit focused on discussions and sharing experiences. PT KMA Lampung also shared CSR programs that had been carried out, including handling stunting, facilitating MSMEs, and others.

Production process

Lulu Zaharani also had the opportunity to see the carton box production process from start to finish, with direct explanations throughout each stage.

The tour begins from Corrugator, Flexo Finishing, and Finished Goods areas. Each area in the factory is a place for carton box production, starting from carton sheets to finishing (carton box products). At the end of the tour, Lulu greeted the female workers in the Finishing section. The tour ends at the office area, where Lulu can experience the working atmosphere of the Plant Administration.

Opinions & Expectations

"Dear Lulu Zaharani, thank you for visiting us. This is the first time PT KMA Lampung has received a visit from Puteri Indonesia Lampung. It is a great opportunity for us to discuss operational, social activities, and CSR programs of PT KMA Lampung, and then regarding the positive potential role of Puteri Indonesia Lampung in collaborating on social activities and economic opportunities in the Natar Region, for example through CSR forums and MSME community," said Andri Restuni. He also expressed his appreciation to Puteri Indonesia Lampung 2023 who has awareness in the social sector, including economic potential.

This visit was also the first time for Lulu Zaharani to see directly the carton box production process. She expressed her pleasure and how impressed she was with the work processes in PT KMA Lampung – from the enthusiasm of the workers to the sophisticated production machines and the large rolls of paper that are processed into carton box.

Lulu Zaharani also appreciated PT KMA Lampung as a company that is very active in social activities for the community, especially in the Natar region, South Lampung. In the future, she hoped to collaborate in CSR activities in Natar, especially through the CSR Forum and the MSME Community, so that she can take part in providing aids to society sustainably.

This hope was welcomed by Andri Restuni, representing PT KMA Lampung, "The next step for us is to facilitate discussions with the CSR Forum and the MSME Community, discussing opportunities that will later be realized through our programs, which will provide a space for the younger generation to contribute in one aspect of sustainable development in Lampung, especially Natar, South Lampung."

Together, let's continue to collaborate for a better future!

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