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null Nostalgia as the Secret of Motivation

Nostalgia as the Secret of Motivation

Remember the excitement that you got on your first day of school? Try to picture those blank notebooks in your new backpack, new uniforms ready to rock, and new friends waiting for you. Now, you might feel something that we all know as nostalgia.


Some might say, “don’t get stuck up in the past.” But if you ever feel like recalling such sweet memories, we say just give in. While not moving on from bad things that happened a long time ago is unfortunate, nostalgia can actually become a motivational boost for you to deal with your current situation.


Several studies have shown that nostalgia can be one of the most potent reasons you get up and go. And one of the latest from the University of Southampton revealed that nostalgia could bring many motivational benefits:


“Nostalgia motivates. It strengthens generalized motivation, such as youthfulness, inspiration, and risk-taking. It reinforces localized motivation, such as growth orientation, intrinsic motivation, and goal pursuit. And it buttresses action-oriented motivation, such as plans to re-dedicate one’s self to the work organization, intention to help or actual helping, and change of problematic behavior. Nostalgia is for planning and doing.”


The researchers concluded this through an experiment that involves independent subjects. Some were asked to visualize for a couple of minutes an event that made them feel nostalgic and then produce a written narrative of this event in the next five minutes. And others were asked to visualize an ordinary autobiographical event for two minutes and write about it for five minutes.


Okay, you can go all nerdy by going through the study on your own, but we don’t want to get too scientific here, so we’ll just give you an example. Now try to remember something sweet from your childhood, like the excitement that you felt the first time you’re drawing on your drawing book, or the joy of making a paper plane back when you were a little kid, perhaps.


When you think about it, you will feel somewhat bittersweet from remembering how good your childhood was and realizing that it was already gone. When we say it like that, it sounds a bit sad, yes, but deep inside, that feeling will spark the optimism that you can feel such euphoria all over again, and bring the passion out of you to make it happen in the future.


Or maybe you can remember the most significant accomplishments that you have achieved in your career. By doing so, you will realize that you are capable of doing something that big, and you will do it again because you’re now even stronger and better in every way. Did you feel it? If you did, then great! Now, you know that if you ever feel too tired or uninspired in your daily lives, just remember those beautiful days and every struggle that you have overcome until this very day to move forward. (Also remember that we’ve always been there accompanying your life journey with such incredible paper products, like SiDU, wink[1] ).


It is incredible how things from the past can help us build our future, right? Now let’s take a step back in time and revel in our memory for a better tomorrow!

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