Covic19 FAQ

Covid-19 Briefing Document


With the spreading of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) across the globe, external stakeholders such as our customers, financial institutions and vendors have begun to query the implications to APP’s business. In anticipation of queries from these stakeholders we have developed a briefing document that lists the relevant points to assist you with your communications with these stakeholders.

This briefing serves to be a living document that will be updated on a weekly basis, unless stated otherwise.

Download the document here 

Kindy note that the content of this document is to be used REACTIVELY only.  Should you require more information or contacted by the media for comments, please contact:

Letchumi Achanah -  (+6012 392 5343 (WA)/ +62 811 161 5343)
Elly Mahesa - (+62 811 8751 699)