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null Zero-Waste Lifestyle: How to Begin?

Zero-Waste Lifestyle: How to Begin?

Are you considering living a greener lifestyle? Well, after learning what it's all about, it can be daunting to jump into the bandwagon and go green. Drastically changing your life is hard, indeed. But, you know what? If you start small and gradually move forward, you will be there eventually. 

You don't have to be the next Colin "No Impact Man" Beavan overnight. While quitting coffee, subway, and toilet paper to avoid environmental repercussions like him sounds fantastic, that drastic of a change is not for the faint of hearts. We don't have to be a green superstar right away. We can take it slow and start with baby steps to reduce our waste.

The most important thing is that it is better to start now than later, as our waste problem will only get worse every day. According to a figure by the World Bank, every person in the world throws away 0.74 kilograms of waste each day in 2016. With the massive population and urbanization growth rate, the number will rise by 70% and reach 3.4 billion tonnes per year by 2050. 

If you don't know where to start, food packaging could be the answer. Now, food packaging takes a significant portion of our waste, and it is problematic because a lot of food producers wrap their products with inorganic materials. As we have learned from our previous article , they take a very long time to disintegrate and will only pile up every day.

Fortunately, now more food vendors start to serve their products in packaging that are recyclable and easier to decay, like the Foopak Bio Natura. And you can also start to use reusable tumblers, food containers, and shopping bags every day. So you have all the options, whether to reduce, reuse, or recycle. The question is, are you ready to start today?

Throwing things away is easy, indeed, and we all want to live an easy life. That's why now we have all the technology we need to make things easier. But, it also comes with all the adverse effects. Say, it's never been easier than today for us to order food to our couch through our phones. And it's excellent! But it would also increase our waste significantly if we just toss the packaging.

It is not wrong to take an easier path in your life, but we also need to think about the consequences of our actions. We're not the only ones who live on this planet. And you surely want your children to have a better life in the future, right? So let's take this challenge to reduce our waste today for our brighter tomorrow!

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