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null Japanese Students and Teachers at APP’s facilities in Riau, Sumatra

Japanese Students and Teachers at APP’s facilities in Riau, Sumatra

Nursery: 1-month old seedlings are propagated and grown prior to being planted in the field

7 students, accompanied by 2 teachers from Sakado High School, University of Tsukuba in Japan, visited the facilities of Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) in Pekanbaru on 15 August 2017. This trip was part of their study tour to learn and understand about pulp and paper production, as well as, forest conservation in Indonesia.

Briefing on Arboretum, conservation area of APP's pulpwood supplier

The trip commenced early in the morning with the entourage visiting the Arboretum, conservation area of PT Arara Abadi, APP's pulpwood supplier. Here, the students were intrigued and awed as they learned about the co-existence of biodiversity, research and development, and eco-tourism in the conservation area.

The journey continued as they visited the eucalyptus plantation at Rasau Kuning District where they took the opportunity to enjoy a bird's eye view of the plantation from APP's Fire Observation Tower. Moving on, they arrived at the nursery where 1-month old seedlings were propagated and grown prior to being planted in the field. Located within the same area, they also visited the research and development center of APP's pulpwood supplier. The trip ended at Indah Kiat Perawang Mill where they witnessed the pulp and paper production - from storage of pulpwood at the log yard, wood chipping process, leading to the-ready-to-ship cargo at the on-site Jetty.

APP's Fire Observation Tower: Briefing on Integrated Fire Management (IFM)


Ms Fumika Hoshino, student of Sakado High School shared, "I did not know how paper, which we have been using in our daily lives, are produced?" and found "the experience to be amazing!"

"I did not think that a good company will exist as my understanding of all mass production companies are unfriendly to earth but APP is not", she concluded.

Through the 1-day tour, APP hopes to provide our visitors an up-close and personal experience of APP’s environmental practices, which form an integral part of the company’s pulp and paper production.

Research & Development Center of APP's pulpwood supplier, PT. Arara Abadi


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