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null Enza HS Brown - Brown Kraft

Enza HS Brown - Brown Kraft

Enza HS Brown - Brown Kraft

Product by Enza

Product Type
Brown Kraft Kraft Paper
Product Application
Food Packaging Office Supplies


It is a Bags paper is produced from 100% unbleached virgin fibres based
machine glazed paper with high gloss on one side and a bit coarse
surface on the other side of the paper. Excellent tensile and tearing
strength are the major parameters which makes our product a perfect raw
material for a wide range of technical and packaging applications ranging
from carrier bags over protective uses to food packaging, other industrial
and techno functional applications.

Product Ranges :

35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70 gsm




  • Food Wrapping

  • Food bags

  • Gift wraps

  • Steel Interleaving

  • Stationery & others



  • High strength equipped the product to run wet on high speed machines, improved convertibilty

  • Gloss & smoothness

  • Virgin fibre offer cleanliness

  • OBA free and US FDA approved for direct food contact

  • Good printability result in good feel and look

  • Environmental friendly & biodegradable






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