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null APP Welcomes Greenpeace's Decision to Fully Re-engage on Forest Conservation Policy

APP agree Greenpeace's Decision to Fully Re-engage on Forest Conservation Police

Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) today warmly welcomes the decision by Greenpeace to re-engage with the company on the full scope of its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) and landscape conservation commitments. Greenpeace laid out its reasons for resuming full collaboration in an open letter to APP’s Chairman, Mr Teguh Wijaya.

This follows a period whereby the engagement was solely focused on addressing the incident in APP’s pulpwood supplier in Jambi on February 28th 2015.

APP is grateful that Greenpeace has acknowledged the speedy and substantive actions the company took following the criminal actions that led to the death of Mr Indra Pelani.

APP fully supports the principle of undertaking a review of all security arrangements across APP’s concessions. The company also agrees with Greenpeace that addressing social conflict, improved relationships with communities and addressing third party clearance are pressing priorities. These all form part of APP’s FCP Implementation Plan: 2015 & Beyond, which was launched in February 2015.

With respect to the WKS incident, APP has already publicly committed to acting upon any lessons learnt from the conclusions of the independent investigation by the National Commission on Human Rights and the police criminal investigation.

Responding to Greenpeace’s open letter, Aida Greenbury, Managing Director of Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement at APP said:

“Greenpeace has been a vital partner and valued critical friend in the design and delivery of the Forest Conservation Policy since we announced it in 2013. We were all deeply affected by the WKS Jambi incident, and intend to learn everything possible from the event so such a tragedy is not repeated.

“We are pleased that we can now renew our efforts in collaborating on a range of ambitious and innovative actions that will be taken as part of our FCP Implementation Plan: 2015 & Beyond. I am grateful to Greenpeace for their support and encouragement and look forward to working together in the months and years ahead."

Priorities for the renewed engagement between Greenpeace and APP will include:

  • Implementation of APP’s ‘FCP Implementation Plan: 2015 and Beyond.
  • Development and implementation of APP’s Integrated Sustainable Forest Management Plans (ISFMPs), including protection of areas identified as HCS.
  • Implementation of recommendations from the Peat Expert Team.
  • Development and implementation of measures to address deforestation by third parties and other actors.
  • Development and implementation of APP’s landscape forest protection and restoration program.

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