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null APP to require future suppliers and acquisitions to match its Zero Deforestation commitments

APP to match its Zero Deforestation Commitments

APP has introduced a procedure for association to ensure the company’s supply chain is permanently free of deforestation. The procedure will ensure that all future suppliers and acquisitions have been compliant with the company’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) since its introduction in February 2013.

The procedure, which is benchmarked against some of the world’s most credible certification standards, was developed in consultation with dozens of local and international NGOs. It sets out the steps that will be taken to assess and validate compliance and also lays out the steps that APP will take to exclude any suppliers found to be in contravention of the FCP; for example, if suppliers have been involved in the conversion of natural forest since February 2013.  In some instances, APP may work with suppliers to bring them into compliance. This may take the form of forest restoration or improvements in management practices.

Aida Greenbury said, “Our Association Procedure applies to all existing and future suppliers. Through its introduction, we are sending a strong signal to all potential future business partners about our commitment to no-deforestation in the supply chain. The message is simple – any suppliers who might wish to do business with us in the future should immediately look at their supply chains to ensure they are in line with APP’s commitment to Zero Deforestation.”

APP is currently applying the Association Procedure to four potential pulpwood suppliers in Indonesia.

Under its Forest Conservation Policy, APP committed to an immediate and permanent end to natural forest clearance in its supply chain and the protection of tropical forest and high conservation value areas as identified through independent biodiversity assessments. Those assessments are now complete and APP is developing management plans to ensure the protection and management of those areas.

The company also recently announced a commitment to protect and restore 1m hectares of tropical forest in Indonesia. Ten landscapes have been prioritised for restoration and protection programmes and APP is currently establishing a multi-stakeholder mechanism to help develop and deliver the initiative.

Details of the Association Procedure have been published on APP’s FCP monitoring dashboard.

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