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null APP Sinar Mas Receives Green Industry Award from Industry Ministry

APP Sinar Mas Receives Green Industry Award from Industry Ministry

Jakarta, December 21, 2017 - The Industry Ministry has given the 2017 Green Industry Award to two Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) industrial units, namely Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tangerang and Pindo Deli Pulp & Paper Perawang. The awards were given by the ministry’s secretary-general Haris Munandar. The award reaffirms APP Sinar Mas’ commitment to ensuring the efficient and effective use of sustainable resources.

Assessment criteria the two APP industrial units needed to comply with focused on three major aspects, namely a production process that comprises production efficiency; input material usage, energy, water, technology and human resources; and the work environment in the production space. With the implementation of these basic concepts, the hope is that the use of raw materials, energy and water will be more efficient. Consequently, there will be minimum waste and emissions. In recent years, there has been huge market demand for green-industrial products as people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmental preservation and sustainable development. The program will also help the government reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent or by 41 percent with external help by 2030.

Trade Ministry secretary-general Haris Munandar said the ministry encouraged national industries to apply green-industry policies in their production processes. “In order to accelerate this, the Trade Ministry has two main strategies, namely the green industry awards and the green industry certification,” he said. Trade Ministry industrial research and development agency head Ngakan Timur Antara said that APP companies were successful in applying green-industry policies. “There is water and energy conservation every year. The company satisfies all our assessment criteria,” he said. APP director Suhendra Wiriadinata said the award was proof of the government’s recognition of APP Sinar Mas in upholding business practices that prioritize sustainable environment management. 

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