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null APP Sinar Mas Hand Over Jakabaring Bowling Center

APP Sinar Mas Hand Over Jakabaring Bowling Center

Jakabaring Bowling Center located in Jakabaring Sport City, Palembang, South Sumatera (South Sumatera) was officially handed over by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas to the Provincial Government of South Sumatera on Wednesday (30/5).

The handover of the building that cost Rp 27 billion was handed over directly to the Governor of South Sumatra Alex Noerdin attended by Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Imam Nahrawi. The handover process of Jakabaring Bowling Center is a form of pride and contribution of APP Sinar Mas on the re-election of Indonesia as host of the 2018 Asian Games.

Jakabaring Bowling Center has a building area of approximately 4,200 square meters that stands firmly on an area of 2.8 hectares. This bowling center has 40 bowling tracks, which is a lot more than the average bowling center that only has 20-30 bowling trajectory. The total budget allocated by APP Sinar Mas for the construction of this bowling center is worth Rp 27 billion.

Managing Director of Sinar Mas Saleh Husin said APP Sinar Mas as Official Partner of Asian Games 2018 strives to give the best contribution to this historic moment through various forms of support. “One of them is through the development of Jakabaring Bowling Center which is an important symbol for Indonesia to show the progress of this nation.

South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin expressed his gratitude to the central government represented directly by Menpora for being trusted to host the 2018 Asian Games, as well as to sponsors, teams from South Sumatra Provincial Government, friends and associates of employees who work day and night to do this.

Menpora Imam Nahrawi expressed his sense of pride towards South Sumatra which now has the best venue in the world. After asian Games, according to him, should sit together in one table related to the allocation of building bowling alley and other venues. “Bowling center is the best in the world, not just Asia! The bowling world championship will also be held here,” he said.

In addition to the bowling center, APP Sinar Mas also provides other support to the success of the 2018 Asian Games by also preventing the intensive occurrence of forest and land fires (karhutla). This is in line with President Jokowi’s target to run the 2018 Asian Games without fire and smoke. Through an additional investment of approximately US $ 3.8 million, APP Sinar Mas launched the “No Fire No Haze” program, in which Palembang, as one of the locations of the 2018 Asian Games, became one of the top priorities to prevent karhutla.

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