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null APP Response to Greenpeace’s ‘Fire Prevention Action Plan’ issued on October 29, 2015

APP Response to Greenpeace’s ‘Fire Prevention Action Plan’

APP welcomes Greenpeace’s ‘Fire Prevention Action Plan’ in response to the forest fire and haze crisis in Indonesia. We share its concerns and unreservedly agree that long-term solutions that address the root causes of forest and peatland fires are essential. APP is committed to working with all stakeholders to develop and implement genuine solutions that will break the ongoing fire cycle.

As Greenpeace indicates, fire is impacting our suppliers’ areas particularly in South Sumatra. We have been directing every available resource to combat those fires inside and surrounding our suppliers’ concessions.

Analysis of recent fires hotspot data, together with field verifications, shows that the majority of the fires inside our suppliers’ concessions were started or ignited from outside our concession areas. Any fires that were started or ignited within our suppliers’ concessions were not started by APP or its suppliers.

Any supplier found using fires will be immediately disengaged. Given it is a criminal offence for any plantation company to burn forests, we would expect such suppliers to be prosecuted accordingly.

Fighting fires can only ever be a short-term measure. Like Greenpeace, we firmly believe that the only way to address this current crisis is to address the root causes of fires and develop long-lasting solutions. The focus must be on prevention, not just mitigation, so that this type annual crisis can be avoided all together. APP therefore fully supports the fire prevention steps set out by Greenpeace.

APP has already begun implementing a number of those measures in conjunction with its zero-deforestation or Forest Conservation Policy (FCP).

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