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null APP Statement on Fires in Riau Province

APP Statement on Fires in Riau Province

There have been an increase in the number of hotspots and fire incidents in several regions across Indonesia, with four provinces declaring the highest fire alert. Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), part of Sinarmas, continues to monitor the changing weather and has increased its operational tempo accordingly.

APP remains vigilant and will respond rapidly to suppress fires while they are small. There are no fires on APP supplier concessions at present. APP recognizes that the wider fire effort is much more effective when conducted as a joint and coordinated effort between Government, communities and companies.

Given the current fire situation and our capabilities, APP has responded to the request to support the fire fighting efforts outside its supplier concession areas in the Riau province. This support includes 60 fire fighter personnel, 4 excavators and 2 heavy helicopters in recent days.

APP will continue to assist and encourage wider collaborative approaches to prevent and to respond to incidents of fire.

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