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null Women's role in improving live of their community null

Women's role in improving live of their community

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas Chief Sustainability Officer Elim Sritaba discussed about empowering women inside and outside the corporation at the UN Global Compact Uniting Business Live Webinar. As a global company, APP realizes  women's important role , both within the organization and inside  communities where they live. 

Empowering women in leadership  and entrepreneurship are proven to improve welfare and sustainability of their surroundings . Through the DMPA  program, APP has  been providing  entrepreneurship training for women in and around the concessions.  APP collaboration with Martha Tilaar Group has helped women in rural communities become economically independent  and reduce their dependence to the  forests, which later proved reducing the forest fire. 

To create a gender inclusive environment at the company level, APP employs  women across all business operations and encourages them to take leadership roles. While the gender bias mindset is still a challenge, APP has  made significant improvements and will continue to do so.

APP believes  that sustainability  and gender equality will only be achieved if all stakeholders work together in harmony. 

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