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null Paper Story: How Paper is Made at APP

Paper Story: How Paper is Made at APP

Paper has play a significant role in our daily lives. Whether we realise it or not, paper has been there for us through sadness and happiness, through thick and thin.
It is known that paper has been around since 200 B.C. and 220 A.D. in China during the Han Dynasty and it is also documented that the ancient Egyptians have used some kind of paper since 3700 BC. Since then, paper has been helping human to evolve, to connect with each other, turning ideas to life and to look after people to stay healthy and clean.
Our little friend, paper, is indeed play a mighty role in our history. However, how many of us know how paper is made?
Where it came from?
How it turns from wood into sheets that people use every day?
Little do we know and realise that paper has also gone through a series of seemingly endless innovation up to this day.

Paper that we use every day comes from Industrial forest. It was born in a lab from a small tiny seed and become a tree. It takes 5 years for the tree to grow, then ready to be turned into papers. Every 5 years, a seed from the lab and nurseries is planted to make more papers. It’s the cycle we need to keep so there’d be more good quality paper.
Well, the process doesn’t stop there – let’s hear it further from our friend, paper, in this video:


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