Ethical Call Center

Dear Stakeholders,

APP strongly believes that Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is essential to long term sustainability of the Company business and performance. The Company is committed to maintain a high standard of corporate governance through transparency, independency, fairness, and responsibility to protect the interest of all stakeholders.

In line with the need for good and responsible governance, the Company through its Internal Control and Audit Division (ICAD) has established a Whistle Blowing Program to encourage everyone (employee, former employee, vendor, customer, and business partner) to be actively involved and responsible in creating transparent, clean, and ethical business and working practices.

We invite all APP stakeholders to become ICAD's partner through the Whistle Blowing Programme by providing us information on:

  • Fraud / corruption / collusion within our business and company.
  • Unethical business conduct.
  • Unethical working practice.

You may submit all information through:


Call Center: 0800 1 368 368 (24 hr)


All the information provided and your identity will be handled with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

In addition, to show our appreciation to our whistle blowers the Company will reward the information given if proven by ICAD that the information has brought value to our Company.