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Information is key to a better future. Dedicated to our friends in the media, here we provide the latest resources to aid your deeper understanding of our company and business.

APP Newsroom

Information is key to a better future. Dedicated to our friends in the media, here we provide the latest resources to aid your deeper understanding of our company and business.

ناشر الأصول

ناشر الأصول


Free, Prior and Informed Consent a Key Pillar in Asia Pulp & Paper's Social Commitments

Rainforest Action Network (RAN) published a report titled “The Need for Free, Prior and Informed Consent” on 8th December 2020 that evaluated the adequacy of policies and procedures among Indonesian Industrial Forest Companies for ensuring local community rights are respected.

Asia Pulp & Paper’s sustainability progress undeterred by misinformed allegations

We refer to the article titled “Paper giant APP evades voluntary forest protection pledges, binding safeguards by banks and buyers needed” published by the Environmental Paper Network.

شركة APP تفنِّد تقرير غرينبيس المنشور بعنوان "مشكلات حرق الغابات: خمس سنوات من الحرائق" بتاريخ 22 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول 2020

أتاحت منظمة غرينبيس لشركة APP الفرصة لعرض وجهة نظرها قبل نشر المقال المتقدم ذكره. وكانت APP قد قدَّمت إلى غرينبيس تصحيحات مستندة إلى وقائع، وكذلك وجهة نظرها في هذا الصدد بتاريخ 5 أكتوبر/تشرين الأول 2020. وعرضت APP أيضًا الدخول في حوار مشترك مع غرينبيس لتقديم مزيد من الإيضاحات والمضامين السياقية التي تم إغفالها بشأن المشكلات المثارة في التقرير.

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Asia Pulp & Paper’s Foopak Bio Natura paperboard creates "One-piece pointed paper straw" winning Multinational Patent with Wang Lai Biotech Co Ltd.

The rising use of non-environmentally friendly products for the convenience of life has over time caused irreversible damage to the environment. This of course also includes the plastic straws that seem to find their way into the ocean and endangering life in the ocean.

Asia Pulp & Paper Launches, A New Multilingual Resource for Paperline Paper & Stationary Customers

The new website is designed to provide the company’s global customer base with a single information resource for the entire Paperline portfolio of paper and stationary products. Customers can now access product specifications, colors, grades, sizes, regional availability, brochures and other related products details in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French among others.

شركتا Asia Pulp & Paper وCharta Global تعلنان عن توفر عبوتهما الجديدة المستدامة والخالية من البلاستيك والجاهزة للاستخدام في تقديم الخدمات الغذائية

من المقرر أن تكون عبوة تقديم الطعام الجديدة Klikpak من APP أهم منتجات الشركة وواحدة من حلول منتجاتها الورقية المستدامة العديدة التي سيتم طرحها في معرض أباستور الرقمي.

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APP Sinar Mas Helps GroundFires in Riau’s Siak District

In line with its commitment to assist communities around its industrial timber estates, APP Sinar Mas Forestry deployed its helicopter to help fight ground fires that broke in an area outside of its concession in the Siak District of Riau province, one of its executives said Friday (14/2).

Toscotec received 8 machine order from APP

Toscotec has received in total 8 (eight) Tissue Machine order from APP. Two of the Tissue Machines are scheduled to come on stream in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018, respectively. In the meantime, the Italian supplier is manufacturing other 6 tissue machines which are planned for delivery between the Q3 2017 and the first half of 2018.

Climate Change and the Rise in Wildfires: A Look at Best CSR Practices in Fire Management

Among the myriad ways climate change is impacting the planet, one of the most visible is the rise in forest fires across the globe.

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النزاعات الاجتماعية والمتعلقة بالأراضي

تمثِّل النزاعات الاجتماعية والمتعلقة بالأراضي قضايا شديدة التعقيد والتشابك تستلزم وقتًا طويلاً لحلها بشكل ودي.

توريد الألياف

The wood supply study found that there was sufficient plantation fibre to supply APP’s pulp mills in Indonesia – including the demand of its new pulp mill at OKI, South Sumatra – through to 2022.

إدارة الأراضي الخثية

تتكون عملية حماية الخث من إعادة تأهيل الخث من خلال إعادة الترطيب وإدارة مناسيب المياه واستعادة وظائف الخث أسفل السطح واستصلاح الخث

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