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APP Stories

APP has stories to tell in order to giving idea about the world
giving us the resources to harvest and do good for humanity

APP Stories

APP has stories to tell in order to giving idea about the world
giving us the resources to harvest and do good for humanity

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Asia Pulp & Paper’s Foopak Bio Natura Continues to Contribute to Sustainability

The plastic-free and biodegradable packaging product made appearances in trade and sporting events

Working Together to Reduce Reliance on Illegal Logging

A partnership to tackle deforestation by introducing more sustainable incomes

Strengthening Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve as the Center of Environmental Education in Jakarta

A multi-stakeholder collaboration to restore the mangrove ecosystem in capital city’s north coast.

Development of an integrated coastal management plan in Ogan Komering Ilir Regency

Designing governance plans for mangrove restoration that will improve local economy

Equipping the Sungai Linau community with tools to protect their biosphere

Conservation efforts coupled with livelihood initiatives will increase environmental and social quality conditions

Sinarmas Eka Bangsa School: Commitment to Bring Education in Bukit Batu Village

Sinarmas Eka Bangsa (SEB) School which was initiated by the Tjiptamas Eka Bangsa Foundation to become an educational facility in Bukit Batu Village, Air Sugihan District, Ogan Kemering Ilir Regency, South Sumatra Province has carried out a parents’ orientation activity on Friday, 7 July 2022.

Conserving Indonesia’s peatlands to reach Net Zero ambitions

Peatland expert Ronald Vernimmen shares insights on effective peatland management

APP’s Commitment to Protecting and Conserving Biodiversity

From rare tree species to wildlife protection, CLICK here to discover more about our conservation efforts.

APP Sinar Mas with the Creative Journalists of Riau Held Karhutla Mitigation Webinar

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas through PT Arara Abadi collaborated with the Creative Journalists of Riau (JKR) to hold a webinar titled “Permanent Solution to Prevent (Mitigation) and Handle Karhutla in Riau” last Wednesday, June 15, 2022. This event was attended by the Head of Sub Directorate for the Prevention of Forest and Land Fires (Karhutla) Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), Anis Aliati, Head of Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPDB) Riau, M. Edy Afrizal, along with several stakeholders, namely the government, academics, journalists, and locals.

Empowering women in the community to build alternative sustainable livelihoods

Our DMPA program helps more than 1,000 women become self-sufficient entrepreneurs. Click for more.

Supporting communities by upscaling hygiene and sanitation facilities

Brought through the collaboration of our mill, Pindo Deli Karawang, with SPEAK Indonesia. CLICK for more.

Weather Modification Technology, Early Mitigation to Forest and Land Fires

CLICK here to find out more about this multi-stakeholder collaboration.