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null The Danger of Reusable Paper Food Packaging for Health

The Danger of Reusable Paper Food Packaging for Health

We may still often find food that is sold using used paper wrappers such as newsprint, used printed paper, or recycled paper as packaging for rice boxes, packaged rice, fried foods, martabak boxes, or other foods that are generally sold in our environment. Even though it looks practical, the use of used paper as food wrappers is actually very dangerous because used paper contains many microorganisms that are harmful to our bodies. Even the content of microorganisms in recycled paper has the highest value compared to other types of paper and exceeds the specified limit,

Based on research conducted by the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI), the number of bacteria contained in food paper made from recycled paper is around 1.5 million colonies per gram, while the average commonly used rice paper weighs 70-100 grams. This means that there are 105 million-150 million bacteria contained in the paper. The impact can be various, ranging from abdominal pain or diarrhea, cancer, liver damage, lymph node damage, the risk of asthma, to impaired vitality for men and gene mutations.

Whereas currently, paper-making technology has developed rapidly to be able to make paper for packaging that is hygienic, biodegradable, and even compostable in the yard of the house. Food packaging made from non-recycled paper can be a solution to reduce dependence on the use of used and recycled paper packaging, Styrofoam, and plastic, so that besides being cleaner and hygienic, it also does not have a negative impact on the environment. The changing world climate conditions today require all of us to be wiser in choosing packaging that can still maintain the quality of our food, but also help us protect the environment.

Enza is a Food Grade packaging produced from 100% Virgin Pulp. Enza is a product that is suitable for food packaging because it is safe when in direct contact with food. Enza also has excellent pull and tear resistance. Enza's strength is a key indicator that makes our products perfect for use in all types of applications and as a great material for a wide range of technical and packaging applications ranging from bags or bags to food packaging, other industrial uses and technology-based functional applications.

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