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null Sinarmas Eka Bangsa School: Commitment to Bring Education in Bukit Batu Village

Sinarmas Eka Bangsa School: Commitment to Bring Education in Bukit Batu Village

Sinarmas Eka Bangsa (SEB) School which was initiated by the Tjiptamas Eka Bangsa Foundation to become an educational facility in Bukit Batu Village, Air Sugihan District, Ogan Kemering Ilir Regency, South Sumatra Province has carried out a parents’ orientation activity on Friday, 7 July 2022. On this opportunity, representatives from the Education Office, Susanto and Mariama; as well as representatives from the Tjiptamas Eka Bangsa Foundation and the Principal of Sinarmas World Academy, Santo were present to meet and welcome parents.

"Sinarmas Eka Bangsa School is expected to be able to make a positive contribution to improve the quality of education and assist the Government in accelerating equal education in Indonesia," Santo claimed in the orientation held in the Seruni Canteen Workers Union Room, SEB area.

Considering the limitations of learning facilities in Bukit Batu Village, Santo further conveyed that SEB was built to provide good quality education for all students, be it children from PT OKI Pulp and Paper Mills employees as well as children from surrounding communities. SEB is the second school built by the Tjiptamas Eka Bangsa Foundation after Sinarmas World Academy which is located in BSD City, South Tangerang.

In its early stages, SEB opened classes for early childhood education: playgroups (ages 3-4 years), TK A (ages 4-5 years), and TK B (ages 5-6 years); along with elementary school education levels: elementary school grade 1 (ages 6-7 years), elementary school grade 2 (ages-7-8 years), and elementary school grade 3 (ages 8-9 years). The first day of teaching and learning activities will begin on Monday, July 11, 2022.

Using the 2013 curriculum, SEB Kindergarten ensures that children learn and develop well, healthy, and safe. Through an interesting and interactive learning process, it is hoped that every child can have the right foundation in a fun way.

The 2013 curriculum is also used at the SEB elementary school level which is applied using the inquiry method, which is a learning experience that can encourage students' curiosity while also allowing them to practice basic research skills. This method is also equipped with the presence of the teacher as a facilitator, mediator, and motivator in carrying out the learning process.

In the future, SEB plans to gradually open classes up to high school level which are equipped with various facilities such as sports fields, the availability of advanced technology, as well as teaching and learning activities that are full of creativity and innovation.

"We hope that in the future Sinarmas Eka Bangsa school will be able to guide students to hone their imagination, creativity, and innovation," Santo conveyed.

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