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null Rattan woven to strengthen the family income

Rattan woven to strengthen the family income

Women have an irreplaceable role in the household, taking care of the family. But nowadays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Women have even bigger roles than before by helping with the family welfare. 

"Opportunities are always there, aligned with  our commitment to encourage  women to take these opportunities even in uncertain conditions," said APP Sinar Mas Chief Sustainability Officer Elim Sritaba.

Kartini Sjahrir from Doctor Sjahrir Foundation, said that women act as role models of the family but during the pandemic they had another role, supporting the family income.  

In collaboration  with Doctor Sjahrir Foundation and Vinto Craft, APP invites women in and around its concessions to improve their lives by offering alternative livelihoods through the Kalimantan Rattan Project. The project is part of the Desa Makmur Peduli Api (DMPA) program that focuses on empowering women, through training in rattan weaving skills. Due to the pandemic, the training was conducted virtually and lasted for 3 days in Early September. 

Vinto Craft provides an advanced training on product finishing techniques and product marketing to complement the previous weaving skills training. This program has been running since 2019 in two villages, Mengkiang Village and Miau Baru Village in Kalimantan. Until now, there have been 600 crafts from these two villages.

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