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null OKI Pulp & Paper Rehabilitating Mangrove Forests in the Sea Port Area, Tanjung Tapa

OKI Pulp&Paper Rehabilitating Mangrove Forests Sea Port Area

Palembang, 15 December 2019 –  PT OKI Pulp & Paper Mills’ mangrove rehabilitation team planted 120,000 mangroves seedlings in an area of 67 hectares of protected forest zone of Tanjung Tapa, Tulung Selapan, OKI, South Sumatra.  

“The Protected Forest rehabilitation program is one of the realizations of the company’s commitment to the reforestation of the Protected Forest area, particularly in the District of OKI,” said PT OKI Pulp & Paper Mills Public Affairs Department Head, Gadang Hartawan.

Gadang added that the condition of the land had largely deteriorated due to forest and land fires in 2014 and 2015.

The initiative carried out by the company in rehabilitating the Protected Forest utilize mangrove plants as these are most suitable as coastal vegetation. The team planted two types of mangrove seedlings, namely the shell type and the side type (gumuk) which also functions as a barrier from sea waves. 

“In this rehabilitation program, we involve the village government, the Sungai Batang village community in the Air Sugihan Sub-district as third parties in terms of partnerships to meet seed supply, nurseries and planting,” Gadang added.

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