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Impressions Pindo 2000 NCR

Product by Impression Pindo 2000

Product Type
Carbonless Copy Paper
Product Application
Printing Paper


DESCRIPTION Impressions Pindo 2000 is a premium quality carbonless paper which combines excellent printing performance with the best intensity. Its appearance and performance is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding end users. 


1. Business Form

2. Pre Printed Form

3. Cash Register Roll

4. Receipt

5.Bank Slip 

▪ Excelent Intensity up to 6ply - 100% Virgin Pulp - Smooth run-ability for efficient printing process • Systematic production management to ensure consistent quality - Sufficient production capacity to supply globally 

Impressions Ph® 2000 Carbontess paper is from Pindo Deli, one of the lowest corbontess manufacturers in the world. The mill has achieved the wanly management system (ISO 9001)and environmental management system p5014000 certification awarded by the SGS-PCS in the UK and is regularly audited for compliance. The mitt is ECO lobeicertined and equipped with advanced SAP system, whkh Mks soles. PrOdtkekft finance and delivery system altogether to ensure that we meet with our global customer requirements 


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