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Foopak PE Board

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Product Type
Food Packaging
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Product Application
Food Packaging

White shade – poly coated board designed as direct contact/primary food packaging applications which provides extra protection for the food, combines with the capabilities to be stored in both fridge and frozen condition.

Product Features :

  • Superior poly bonding strength
  • Excellent sealing performance
  • Good printability with corona system applied
  • Excellent stiffness in low temperature and frozen condition
  • High bulk, yield advantage

Product Range :

  • Standard GSM (base board): 230, 245, 260, 280, 305, 330
  • PE weight is to be added in base board gsm to get the total weight
  • Available for 1 side or 2 sides PE (gloss or matt finished), range 15-25 gsm for each side
  • Available for sheet and roll

End Application : Hot & gravy take away food, rice box, frozen food

Printing Method : Offset Litho, Letterpress

Temperature Range : Minus 18 to 100 oC (1 min. in microwave)






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