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null Foopak, Our Solution to Safer and Better Food Packaging

Foopak, Our Solution to Safer and Better Food Packaging

Do you know what's better than eco-friendly food packaging? Yes, one that's also safe for our health. That's why we offer you Foopak Bio Natura, our solution to safer and better food packaging.

Foopak Bio Natura is our food packaging solution that uses 100% virgin pulp, a natural pulp produced directly from highly selected woods. It is made of high-quality ingredients with rigorous production standards, making it sterile from harmful compounds. 

We do not use recycled paper as it might contain lead, a heavy metal that will potentially endanger people who consume the food it contained. Not only that, but Foopak is also certified at the international level (FDA, ISEGA, ISO).

On top of that, there is no chemical migration from the paper packaging to the food product it contains, unlike, for example, polystyrene foam. Widely known as styrofoam, this material is not only non-biodegradable but also dangerous for health. 

Styrofoam contains Benzene and Styrene, oil-based substances the World Health Organization has classified as a possible cause of cancer. These toxic agents can quickly leach when in contact with hot, oily, or acidic food and beverage. 

More and more governments are banning styrofoam usage as food packaging around the world. However, people still use this material as it is cheap and practical. And other than polystyrene, there are other non-biodegradable and potentially harming materials that people still use for food packaging around the world today.

Now, to avoid the risks and to protect the environment, we can use safer and better food packaging solutions like Foopak Bio Natura. Check out the official website or our product page to learn more about its features and how to obtain it. Let's take care of our health and protect the environment for our better future!

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